Scarlett Johansson Enchanting Allure of the Sophisticated Satin Gown

For Scarlett Johansson, when it came to finding the perfect companion to accompany the President for a meal, she had a brilliant idea – her twin brother.

The stunning blonde actress made quite the entrance at the White House Correspondents’ Ball, as she was accompanied by her equally striking brother, Hunter.

It was evident that there was a striking similarity among the family members, as they all possessed the same distinct cheekbones and golden locks.

Famous actress Scarlett Johansson was accompanied by her brother Hυnter at the prestigious White Hoυse Correspondents’ Association Dinner. As children, they had the opportunity to act together in the film “Manny aмp; Lo” back in 1996.

While Scarlett has ascended to the ranks of A-list actresses, her brother Hυnter has found his calling working for Barack Obaмa, which makes him a fitting companion for such a formal black-tie affair.

In June of 2008, he chose to step down from his position as a community organizer working for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

His new venture led him to become a campaign organizer for Obama in Denver. Scarlett shared that she frequently exchanges emails with Obama.



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