Over time, the meaning of the tattoos we put on our bodies might change. Some of us might regret our tattoos, and celebs are no different. Many choose to get rid of the pictures and words they don’t like for good, but others use their creativity and imagination to change the tattoos to mean something good. Found photos of famous people with their old and new tattoos. Here are the stories behind the changes.

The actual tattoo below Kaley’s neck was the Roman numerals for the date of her wedding to Ryan Sweeting. After they broke up, the actress covered the wedding date with a moon picture. Because the new tattoo had to be big enough to cover the old one, Kaley chose a giant moth with enormous wings.

Zoë Kravitz corrected a grammatical mistake.There was a mistake in the original Arabic quote that Zo had on her back. It said “Let the love rule” instead of “Let love rule.” The actress chose to get rid of the tattoo and hide it with a beautiful dragonfly.

Marc Anthony wrapped his J.Lo-inspired wrist tattoo.The singer used to have the comment “Jennifer” tattooed on his right wrist as a tribute to his then-wife Jennifer Lopez. After they broke up, he put a tribal design over J. Lo’s name.

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