6 Fun Facts About Megan Fox’s Biggest Roles ‎

Megan Fox has been known for working sporadically on both movies and TV shows although recently her schedule has been pretty full. She revealed quite a bit of truth about her feelings, or lack thereof, on the subject of being seen working by saying I’ve never made more than two movies a year. She hasn’t necessarily needed to make more than two movies per year. Her career has been just fine with her working at the rate she is choosing to go at.

1. Megan Got A Bit Roughed Up On Set Of Transformers

2. Blake Lively Almost Played Jennifer In Jennifer’s Body

3. Megan Grew Up Loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

4. Fans Wanted Megan To Fully Replace Zooey Deschanel On New Girl

5. Megan Almost Starred In Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen With Hilary Duff Instead Of Lindsay Lohan

6. Megan Will Never Let Her Kids Watch Jonah Hex

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