Jenna Ortega harley decides rather than include the rest of her siblings.

Jenna Ortega’s character, Harley, makes a decision regarding her siblings. Perhaps in this scenario, Harley is faced with a tough choice about whether to include her siblings in attending the screening of “Miller’s Girl” at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Harley finds herself torn between including her siblings or attending the event alone. She knows that bringing her siblings along could make the experience more enjoyable, but at the same time, she also wants to have some time to herself to fully immerse in the festival atmosphere.

After much deliberation, Harley decides that she needs some time alone to focus on her career and to network with industry professionals at the festival. She gently explains her decision to her siblings, assuring them that she’ll make it up to them with a special movie night of their own once she returns.

Though initially disappointed, Harley’s siblings understand her reasoning and even express their support for her career aspirations. They wish her luck and eagerly await her return, knowing that she’ll have exciting stories to share about her experience at the festival.

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