Jenna Ortega totally comfortable and sure about filming at critics

Jenna Ortega was sure of what she wanted to do’ for her X-rated sex scene with Martin Freeman in Miller’s Girl and was completely supported during filming, according to the movie’s intimacy coordinator, who has clapped back at claims the raunchy on-screen moment was ‘gross.

Jenna, 21 plays 18-year-old student Cairo Sweet in the age-gap drama, while Martin, 52 takes on the role of her teacher Jonathan Miller. Viewers were quick to express their unease at watching the Wednesday actress engaging in ‘uncomfortable’ sexual scenes with the Sherlock star who is 31 years her senior.

But intimacy coordinator Kristina  has exclusively revealed to that Jenna was involved in decisions about the curation of the racy moments, as she insisted that at no point were any boundaries surpassed. There was many, many people throughout this process engaging with Jenna to make sure that it was consistent with what she was comfortable.


The film sees Cairo and Jonathan become entangled in a very complex and inappropriate relationship, with Cairo choosing to pen a sex story after being given a creative writing assignment by her tutor-turned-love interest.¬† Kristina discussed the ‘level of nudity’ with Jenna and Martin, as well as which simulated sex scenes’ were required, before talking them through modesty garments and the additional barriers they could use to ensure an ‘appropriate distance’ was maintained.

This information was also given to the actors in a written format 48 hours before the scenes were filmed, but Kristina stressed that they ‘also have the option on the day to change their mind if they don’t want to do any of the elements that we’ve discussed.

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