Jennifer Aniston, 50 says becoming a bombshell

Jennifer Aniston never thought of herself as a sexy symbol. The 50-year-old Friends vet has always gone for a more girl-next-door vibe she told InStyle magazine for their 25th anniversary

She was reacting to her 1999 InStyle cover where she posed in a sheet and the tag line read, ‘What’s Sexy Now.

Aniston also said: ‘It feels ironic to be anointed as “sexy.” I always thought Lauren Hutton was sexy.

Jennifer ignores that she has dressed sexy for many of her films including the 2013 comedy We’re The Millers in which she had a strip scene.

She also said looking back on all seven of her InStyle covers was ‘almost like leafing through a yearbook. The Along Came Polly star added, ‘I pretty much grew up in this business in front of everyone, and listen, puberty is awkward — just try and do it all publicly.

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