Kaley Cuoco Can’t Stop Smiling As She Shares A Starstruck Moment

she has scenes of being starstruck & ecstatic during random encounters with other celebrities just like the rest of us. The actress shared an image of herself looking radiant on her Instagram Stories. She couldn’t stop smiling after a chance encounter.
When you’re out and about or even run into your two favorite actors have a 20-minute three-way fan girl session. Kaley was out shopping when she met actresses Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson.
The Big Bang Theory actress from The Big Bang Theory has been on a tear lately recently celebrating a significant career milestone. When Sarah shared the photo on her Instagram Story with a loving caption for Kaley it was clear that the admiration was mutual.
Kaley shared videos of her early morning reaction to the Emmy Award nominations with her fans. She received her first-ever nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role in The Flight Attendant.
While Kaley has received numerous awards & nominations for her previous work most notably TBBT her lead role on The Flight Attendant garnered her the most attention.

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