But the Big Bang Theory star is the first to admit that her toned tummy and impressive abs didn’t come easy! “I tried spinning, I tried running, I tried Pilates. I realized I don’t like running.

I refuse to do it says the 33-year-old, who eventually “fell in love” with hot yoga. “I was like, ‘This is my thing!’ When I get out, I feel like a million bucks. Kaley   Cuoco also hits the gym three times a week with a personal trainer. “Kaley is most concerned with abs, arms, and butt. So we’ll typically do sets that would involve three to six different exercises or circuits,” reveals her trainer, George C. King.

A sample circuit might be 10 reps of close-grip pushups, 30 seconds of planks, 20 seconds of mountain climbers and 15 reps of squat jumps. We’ll do this straight through with no stops for three rounds. She’ll rest for two minutes and then complete the three rounds one more time. I do cheat,” she admits. “I love pizza every once in a while and, honestly, I love a soda now and then   a real cola! Until I saw that there were 17 spoonfuls of sugar in it and now I’m like, OK, maybe one sip and then throw it out.


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