Megan Fox Pushed Into Barricade During Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly got into an altercation with an onlooker that resulted in his rekindled flame Megan Fox getting pushed into a barricade by a bodyguard  seemingly an accident on the guard’s part  as seen in footage on TikTok and reported by ET.

The incident happened last week July 20 at California’s Orange County Fair, where the celebrity couple comprising the rock and hip-hop musician and the well-known actress was strolling the fairgrounds before a spat reportedly broke out between Machine Gun Kelly and the passerby.

When a bodyguard intervened to force the intruder away, Fox got pushed back along with them. The couple’s bodyguard immediately defended Kelly by going after the alleged ᴀssailant, but Fox, unfortunately, got caught in the crossfire.

Earlier this year, it appeared Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox had ended their relationship after the actress, who’d been with the rapper-turned-rock singer for nearly two years at that time, removed all traces of him from her Instagram account.

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