Megan Fox Reveals Her Hilarious Britney Spears Impression

Megan Fox opened up about what she does to combat her fear of flying  and low-key revealed her killer Britney Spears impression.
Fox, sitting down with Kelly Clarkson on her daytime talk show this week, explained how she grew more fearful of airplanes after flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles.

I was like, I’m kind of pushing the statistics now because I’m flying so often  Fox said. And that’s where the fear came from, because it’s like, yeah if you fly twice a year you’re good, but not if you’re flying like twice a week.

And for that, pop sensation Britney Spears’ songs like  Oops I Did It  Again have helped tremendously, she said.

What I did and what I do recommend to people if you hit turbulence and you’re like I don’t like how this feels  I would throw on certain music that I just knew I wasn’t gonna die to, which  for me that was Britney Spears  like the archives from when I was young. So, like the Oops  album  Fox explained.

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