Megan Fox says criticism of her acting put her in a self imposed prison

Megan Fox is feeling a lot better about her craft these days. The actress has long been a subject of criticism in the movie industry, which she told Refinery29 began to take a toll on her. The star recalled recently watching a previous film of hers that had been not-so-favorably reviewed, leading to criticism of her acting skills.

Fox has made headlines recently as fans have taken a second look at the way she was treated by the media, having been used as a Sєx symbol rather than tapping into her potential as an actress. While she knows the reexamination of that narrative would have been helpful, she said the obstacles she faced made her stronger.

At the time I would have appreciated some support; I was just stranded in open water on my own for so long  she explained. However, that built up so much strength.

To have to go through a challenge like that, the resiliency that I have and the ability to survive really negative things with no support from outside forces made me a better person. So, I don’t regret it.

The Transformers star said there was a bandwagon of absolute toxicity being spewed at [her] for years. But I appreciate the reversal of it  she continued. The culture is changing and society is changing, and a movie like her upcoming project Rogue now has a place to shine and be appreciated.

Ultimately she sees herself taking such criticism to heart as a regret .Fox called out critics for participating in a game to be the most hateful to get the most attention which she insisted is not funny  as words are powerful.


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