Megan Fox slays in a fierce cutout jumpsuit

MEGAN FOX looks incredible in this cut-out jumpsuit, but that’s not a word her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly would use about their new film Midnight In The Switchgrᴀss.

The actress donned a cut-out jumpsuit and a string of Sєxy outfits as she fronted Basic magazine

In the movie Megan who wore a series of different outfits in a stunning shoot for Basic magazine, plays an undercover agent investigating a sleazy motel owner Machine Gun.


And if you think that sounds like a flimsy plot, you’re probably right .They both skipped the premiere in Los Angeles.

The loved-up pair starred in Midnight In The Switchgrᴀss and both skipped the premiere in LA

The rapper-turned-actor who has hardly mentioned the project, tweeted If I don’t talk or tweet about a movie I’m barely in, it’s because it’s ending the message with an emoji of a man putting rubbish in a bin.





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