Megan Fox stuns on her fiance date with a new hair color

It has been speculated for some time that there is friction between the actress and the rapper, and now Fox has ‘added fuel to the fire’ with her release in a rare solo outing.

Gloria - Megan Fox u izlasku bez zaručnika: Šokirala je novom bojom kose, a prsten je ostavila kod kuće

Although they are trying with all their might to give the impression that roses are blooming in their relationship, there are more and more rumors that the passionate love of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly is being tested.

Megan Fox u seksi haljini | Celebrity

It was speculated that the musician had cheated on the acting star, which she vehemently denied, and recently it was rumored that they started couples therapy.

E una dintre cele mai frumoase și senzuale vedete din lume, dar ea nu se vede așa. Megan Fox: "Nu mi-am iubit niciodată corpul"

Also, they stopped posting romantic pH๏τos, we see them together less and less in public, and Meghan decided to relax on a date without her eccentric fiance this weekend.

The beautiful actress did not miss Vanity Fair’s Oscar party in Los Angeles, and on that occasion she also showed off her new hair color, a seductive orange.


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