Megan Fox is one of a kind. After rising to prominence as an action girly in the Transformers franchise and providing some much needed aughts bi representation in Jennifer’s Body she’s returned to the limelight as a fierce advocate of free gender expression and honed a witchy, gothic bombshell aesthetic that is totally her own.

Some of her highlights include Poison Ivy style feathered white extensions, a super short corset dress and over the knee boots in London, a keyhole cutout black ʙικιɴι with theeeee tiniest briefs, a spectacular metal fishnet naked dress you have to see it to believe it  a plunging ruffled brown naked dress worn on the red carpet and well, we could go on and on. She literally slays every day and never misses.

And…yep, she’s back at it! Her latest Instagram snaps literally have our jaws on the floor. After rocking a more string than fabric, tiiiiny Oséree pale green ‘kini for a set of glam pH๏τos set in a forest, she has taken to the beach for another fabulous pH๏τo shoot.

Specifically, in pH๏τos lensed by Cibelle Levi, Megan is seen modelling a dusk on a beach – sometimes with the sea in the background, other times reclining into the waves. Outfit-wise she is shown rocking a silver micro string ʙικιɴι which reveals a sliver of underboob.

The daring swimsuit is accentuated by Megan’s choice of cover-up, a black, see-through mesh midi dress which – wait for it – features a dramatic cutout that leaves the garment completely chestless at the front.


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