Scarlett Johansson is enjoying her long, Hot menswear summer

Scarlett Johansson knows a thing or two about the red carpet. Since her heady Lost In Translation days of 2003, the actor’s been a natural at press tours and premieres in the gowns of Dior and Louis Vuitton. Proper leading lady stuff. But now the Marvel alum has undergone her women-in-menswear shift – and it’s maybe the vibe-iest of the lot.

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Johansson was ph oτographed in New York City wearing a baggy Mango suit under which she wore a waistcoat. ’90s in volume, broad-shouldered, open and loose over a plain white vest. She was in boss mode. It might be because she knows her way around a boardroom Johansson launched her own clean beauty start-up The Outset earlier this summer). Or it might be because classic menswear is becoming the go-to move for everyone.

Johansson and co are still icons of Hollywood. Now, they’re even teaching guys a thing or two about dressing.

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