Thanks to her titular role in Netflix’s smash-hit show Wednesday, Jenna Ortega is now something of a household name and by household name we mean world-famous megastar.

But before she played the spooky, kooky, ok Addams Family teen, the versatile actress had already established herself as quite the scream queen, and she was big news on Disney before that.


So if you’re missing seeing Wednesday hunt monsters at Nevermore Academy, or if you just watched Tara running from Ghost face in cinemas and want more blood and gore, check out our Jenna Ortega roundup to see where else you can watch her.

It wouldn’t be a Jenna Ortega roundup without this show in the list, and if you’re here, you’ve probably binged it multiple times already.


Jenna Ortega did say she was “devastated” not to be in the fourth season, so it’s possible Ellie could pop up in season five… if her busy Wednesday schedule allows it, of course.

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